Michael Scott
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24 Apr 2012

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Nicholas Flamel appeared in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter--but did you know he really lived? And he might still be alive today! Discover the truth in Michael Scott's New York Times bestselling series the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel with The Warlock, book five. The twins of prophecy have been divided--the end has begun.The end is finally near. Josh Newman has chosen a side, and he will not stand with his sister, Slophie, or the Alchemyst, Nicholas Flamel. He will fight alongside Dee and the mysterious Virginia Dare.Unless Sophie can find her twin before the battle begins, all is lost--forever. "Skillfully done and highly enjoyable...pair this series with Rick Riordan's [series]."-VOYA Read the whole series!The AlchemystThe MagicianThe SorceressThe NecromancerThe WarlockThe Enchantress

With so much experience in rehab, this "warlock "—Sheen's word choice, not ours—might as well be an expert on recovery.